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Wes Ward energy action resultsAbout Wes Ward

He has a passion for digital strategy and loves transforming ‘time poor’ clients into authority figures in their industry using digital tools.

His client focus is on using digital to enhance their brand and grow new business.

His ability to simplify a complex message into a concise digital story that is amplified on the web is what he does best.

Aligning a clients story to the sales cycle using web technology is what makes him unique.

Brand Story

Creating brands that connect deeply and communicate value is a joy.  Using leverage techniques, ‘blue ocean’ brand strategy,  and Wes’ brand strategies tie in with a clients digital business strategy and audience.

His Koala Creek wine brand strategy secured a multi-million dollar US contract on his first wine trade visit.  The Koala Creek  website was built in 2002.

Examples of brands he’s created can be found here.

[1] Strategic Clarity

Providing clarity to a ‘whole-of-business’ digital marketing strategy is what Wes see’s as the most critical element in any business’ web strategy.

Whether it is clarity of message, brand or technical strategy, the bigger picture needs to be understood and addressed prior to building a website.

ANYONE can build a website.

Planning only for a website can be completed by virtually anyone.  Where it fits in the marketing mix, search engines, social media and the marketing funnel are business basics that most ‘website builder’ companies won’t address.

Building Trust

Planning an digital strategy designed to build trust with your target audience, requires a deep understanding of a clients:

  • Business model, products and services & the value they bring to the market place
  • Marketing position, message & point of difference
  • Brand backstory and heritage
  • Web strategy objectives

[2] Digital Platform

As a strategic marketing ‘integration-ist’, Wes ensures that a clients digital strategy aligns with their whole business sales and marketing strategy.

Primarily a digital platform can consist of a website and relevant social media outposts.  The point and business purpose of your digital platform is critical in maximising value from the web.

[3] Premium Content

Telling a clients story using premium content is the key to positioning time poor clients as leaders in their field.

Premium content comprises of clear benefit driven message (creative) and media formats such as video and audio that position clients ahead of their competition.

Example premium content developed for a real estate client.

Search Engine Optimisation

Wes has a background in SEO dating back seven years.  Everything that is produced in a digital strategy for clients has an eye towards SEO so they can have their premium content found.  He can even help with online reputation management issues surrounding negative links online.

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Wes conducts all his digital marketing business through his company Wadimedia Pty Ltd.

Digital Services

To see the full range of services, click here.

Some companies Wadimedia has worked with include Palliative Care Victoria, Refine Clinic, Eastern Region Palliative Care Consortium, National Tradesmans Expo, Publish & Grow, Flinders Island Travel, Vibrational Kinesiology , Meals on Wheels Australia, just to name a few.

Social Media Navigator

Social Media NavigatorWes is also director and co-founder of Social Media Navigator Pty Ltd.  This company helps corporate and government organisations use enterprise social technologies inside the firewall improve productivity

The brand strategy, story, positioning, service offering development was designed using Wes communication techniques.



Other Stuff

Wes has a Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma of International Trade.
Has worked for large corporations in London and the Netherlands including Merrill Lynch, IFF and Unilever in the finance and perfume industries before moving to the wine industry where he created his own business [Koala Creek] and exported wine to Europe and North America.

He is excited at the opportunity to work with exciting, clear thinking leaders.

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