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Struggling to get past Gatekeepers

Struggling to Get Past Gatekeepers?

Getting past gatekeeper

Are you Struggling to get Past Gatekeepers?

How many times have you KNOWN you had the PERFECT solution for a prospective client… only to be thwarted by the good ‘ol gatekeeper.  Today I’ll show you how  to get passed gatekeepers.

Do you recognise any of these Gatekeeper types?

  • The ‘blocker’-  whose sole existence is to stop you getting anywhere near their boss.
  • The ‘sadist’ – who actually enjoys swatting away hopeful consultants with the oh so polite ‘where are you from again?
  • The ‘9-5’er’ – who before you have finished introducing yourself has started their autoresponse by saying “he/she’s busy right now… would you like to leave a message
  • The ‘expert’ spouse – who knows just enough in your area of expertise to close down your message based on their own preconceived ideas.

Business sucks when you’re not getting in front of your ideal client on a consistent basis because you cannot get past the gatekeeper.  Sales targets don’t get met and the trickle down effects begin.>>> Get the Rest of the Article >>>   read more