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How to Cut Through a Noisy market

How to Cut Through the Noise

How to Strategically Reach and Influence a Key Decision Maker

As a B2B business owner or entrepreneur ‘selling the invisible’ (eg: your services), cutting through the noise to reach your target market is more difficult than ever before.

According to B2B Marketing’s 2015 Social Media Benchmarking Report’, the top challenge for B2B marketers using social media to grow new business was ‘cutting through the noise’.>>> Get the Rest of the Article >>>   read more

30 Days with Siri

Disclaimer: Apple has done such a good job of giving a Siri a persona that many times throughout this article I will refer to Siri as ‘her’ or ‘she’. Thanks for making me think my phone is a person, Apple.

This is the tale of a 2 hour a day commuter, 8 hour a day Fortune 500 company employee, and part time Lifehack editor living in the USA using Siri over the last 30 days. Enjoy.>>> Get the Rest of the Article >>>   read more

John Ward

Using YouTube to Connect with a Regional Audience

Connecting with an audience of decision makers in regional Australia.

A client of mine… err, my father, bought a specialist engineering firm earlier this year in regional Victoria.  Actually, it is so specialised there are about two firms in Australia that focus on this type of work.

What is it you may ask?.  They repair the fronts of grain combine harvester machines!

Sometimes referred to as the ‘comb’, unless these things are working properly, farmers cannot harvest their grain.  For some farming businesses, grain harvest is their only source of income annually, so when disaster strikes, they need things fixed quickly.>>> Get the Rest of the Article >>>   read more