Retail Podcasting

How Retail Podcasting Kills Entrepreneurial Dreams

The Myth of Retail Podcasting

You probably don’t even know it, but the ‘Retail Podcasting Model’ was most likely responsible for killing your chances of becoming a celebrity, leader and authority in your business category.

You know the one, where you think you need 100,000 downloads to succeed or make it worthwhile.

Where getting sponsors and advertisers is the only vehicle to podcast profitability.

And hitting the magic number is essential for survival.

‘Retail Podcasting‘ means “I need half a million downloads – magic number – before I can attract sponsors and advertisers who will pay me so I can actually make money doing what I love (which really means: ‘I get paid to talk and hang out with other cool people like me who love what I love.’)

Its a classic chicken and egg scenario.

You need to keep churning out podcasts until you hit the magic number.
The magic number where others start paying you for podcasting.

That’s the RETAIL podcasting model.

It relies on volume and vanity metrics.
If you hit the magic number, happy days, if not…
no money, no fun, and dreams left in the dust.

The Cost of Not Podcasting

So by not podcasting (or launching your book for that matter) because you perceived the model to be true… how much ground have you given up to rival coaches, consultants and service providers who have filled the space with THEIR voice, vision and value?

How much has their personal brand risen while yours remains the same?

How frustrated do you get when you see the competition with less experience, insight and ability than you being referred to as the leader or expert in your market.

Just because they launched and you didn’t. They took a chance and stepped into the light – you didn’t.

A Better Model for B2B

Once you realise that there is a better way for any B2B consultant, coach or advisor to podcast profitably without needing to hit the magic number, will you get cracking?

Knowing that 50 listeners can be more profitable than some podcasts of 5000 downloads, will you step up and stand out?

Understanding a professional services model and the strategic podcasting model can have you set for success before you commission the first episode, will you fulfil your remit?

Are You an Expert?

If you truly are an expert at what you do, then it is your professional responsibility to get on with it and LEAD your market.

Why? Because people need your help AND… leaders make more money.

Dan Kennedy, legend of the direct response industry said:
“The simple truth is, if you aren’t deliberately, systematically, methodically — or rapidly and dramatically — establishing yourself as a celebrity, at least to your clientele and target market, you’re asleep at the wheel, ignoring what is fuelling the entire economy around you, neglecting development of a measurably valuable asset.”

Internet Marketer Frank Kern stated, “Positioning, most importantly positioning yourself as an authority, is the single most important thing you can do increase your perceived value to the market place.”

So while big download numbers are awesome, and everyone should aspire to greatness, not launching your new authority rocket ship based on a what you thought a podcasting business model looks like, is now no excuse.

The Strategic Podcasting Model

The Strategic Podcasting model is designed for professional service providers such as B2B consultants, coaches and advisors who want to get new clients BEFORE launching in iTunes.

With the right model and strategic approach, podcasting can be profitable from the outset and a vehicle to grow new business and authority positioning.

For the next EIGHT b2b consultants and professional service providers like you – who want more leads and easier conversions – I’m offering a 22 minute strategic consultation absolutely free.

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