how to add youtube card to video tutorial

How to Add YouTube Card to YouTube Video

How to Add YouTube Card to YouTube Video Tutorial

I love this new feature by YouTube!  YouTube Cards has been rolled out to eventually replace ‘annotations’.Overnight, YouTube added ‘Cards’ to the video creators dashboard.

What is YouTube Cards?

For people who don’t know, ‘Cards’ are the more elegant and interactive way to help people transition viewers to their desired website, fundraising event, video play list or YouTube channel.

“If you use video, you’ll LOVE this new feature”

What I love about YouTube Cards is that they provide a much more elegant solution than annotations.  Annotations for mine were unattractive and took away from the fine video work producers do.

How to Add YouTube Cards Training Tutorial

According to YouTube, Cards will work on mobile devices (which annotations do not) and for the moment – at least on desktop – they will be displayed in the top right hand corner of the video.

Watermarks will be moved and displayed in the bottom right hand corner from now on.

Now before the marketers get over excited and start pushing video highlighters to the Card positions, YouTube have already said that the position of the ‘Card’ may vary according to the device the video is displayed on.

Overall, the addition of YouTube cards as an interactive tool to help visitors and creators alike add to the digital experience is a great thing.

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