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How to Build Trust without Being in the Room

Leveraged Trust Building…

‘My New Best Friend I Didn’t Know I had’…

“Hi John, it’s Nigel”…   and that is how a five-figure deal commenced.

John (my client) was working on a tractor when the call came through.  He had to stop because he had no idea who he was talking to.

Nigel had such a ‘familiarity’ in his voice; it sounded like Nigel had known John for years… so surely John knew whom he was talking to…

That deal alone will morph into even more five-figure deals via Nigel’s referral.   Here is his testimonial.

John’s trust building content was found in Google [SEO] and earned Nigel’s trust remotely using my strategies and techniques… plus my testimonial template.

i'll Explain How We Did This Shortly

IDEA: No Trust, No Transaction. 

How to Build Trust without being in the room

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Trust is what’s required to get business done.

Interestingly, a brand doesn’t necessarily have to be liked in order to be trusted.

But it certainly helps a lot for personal and lesser known brands.

#1 Reason Why Businesses Are Not Growing

Businesses aren’t growing because not enough people trust their brand.

It manifests itself in two forms:

  1. IGNORANCE! Lack of awareness that the business or brand exists, or
  2. People that are aware of the brand, don’t trust it enough to change… yet.

A typical scenario looks like:

  • Inbound sales are low or slow moving.
  • Sales staff are continuously running around repeating the same messages as they go about ‘educating’ their market.  There is no leverage in their work or effort
  • Rival businesses that are trusted make selling look easier and are getting results.

What this means is you’re forever chasing sales and working harder for each sale.

The sales leads that do come in want ‘more information’, taking longer to decide [if you can be trusted]. 

Potential Impact

As a business owner, it’s frustrating to work harder than you’re rivals to earn a sale.  Furthermore it can be stressful financially knowing you have a lower close rate.

If more people are aware and trust your brand than currently, then your revenue situation will improve. 


Imagine if you could build trust remotely. Without having to be present.  No sales staff required.  That is the promise of having a Legacy of Trust.  Trust building content littered across the web.

John had a legacy of ‘trust building’ content remaining on the web five month after completing a Business Growth Publishing campaign.  That content earned the trust of Nigel after he found it on Google.

A legacy of ‘trust building’ content earns trust behind the scenes.  It’s working without you being in the room.

This means there is an understanding of:

  • Who you are
  • What your brand stands for, and
  • What problems you solve

… all before the first call is made.

Having a lead contact you out-of-the-blue and talk to you like a friend…  that is the real benefit of having a legacy of trust on the web.


The market that John targeted was one of the most conservative markets in Australia.  The farming community.  A lot of trust is required to do business with this group.

He needed to educate in a low or no pressure environment about how he could help.

So online video was the preferred strategy.  It would reach the farmers in their home or on their phone.  Not a sales person in sight.

He needed a medium that could convey John’s credibility and trustworthiness quickly.  So video was the choice.


When producing video to communicate your ideas, solutions or advice, there are a couple of things that you need to consider BEFORE you dive in,

  1. Plan What You Want to Say:  Don’t ramble or ad-lib.  Make sure you have total clarity of what your message is before you start.  Better still.  Write a script so it really sinks in.  It will make your video shorter, more concise which makes viewers happy.
  2. Get Your Audio Right:  People will switch off in seconds if they cannot hear clearly.  Getting audio right means people will get your message.  Super important.
  3. Get Your Videos SEO Optimised: make sure it is easy for your videos to be found in Google.  The credibility of being found on the free side of Google can never be underestimated.


In order to create ‘trust building content’, we would need a super duper HD video camera with all the bells and whistles that costs $3,000.  Correct?

No! We just used an iPhone 4S!  That’s it.

The iPhone is still the primary camera source that we use.

iPhone 4S

Sexy Website Not Required:

You do not need a flashy, agency designed website to get great results.  Trust building is about communicating tangible results to your target audience.


Generating and earning trust remotely on the web is possible even for the most conservative of markets.

Leaving a legacy of ‘trust building content’ is an asset that continues to deliver 24/7/365.


The sales generated from John’s Business Growth Publishing campaign were already into the six figures a month after the campaign ended.

What the legacy of ‘trust building’ content continues to do months after campaign end for him is earn the trust of his target market and deliver qualified leads and sales.

Unlike adverts, that are here today, gone tomorrow… the legacy ‘campaign content’ has delivered at least $30,000 in extra sales since.


You can see that having a Trust Legacy on the web that works for you full time means you can build trust en masse!





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