How to Cut Through a Noisy market

How to Cut Through the Noise

How to Strategically Reach and Influence a Key Decision Maker

As a B2B business owner or entrepreneur ‘selling the invisible’ (eg: your services), cutting through the noise to reach your target market is more difficult than ever before.

According to B2B Marketing’s 2015 Social Media Benchmarking Report’, the top challenge for B2B marketers using social media to grow new business was ‘cutting through the noise’.

With the advent of content marketing, the plethora of social media experts advising to publish via Facebook, your own blog, YouTube channel, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, etc, it’s no wonder that the online space is noisy and crowded.

Zigging and Zagging

The old saying of ‘zigging while others are zagging’ could never be truer. With each new guru product launch, thousands of disciples start drinking at the well of the latest marketing strategy or tactic and begin to roll out the very same strategy.

The Herd Stampede’s

At warp speed, the herd stampede and the latest tactic floods, a now crowded and very noisy, marketplace, making it very difficult to cut through noise.

We both know it is time to ‘zig’ and let the others zag.

It’s Time to Zig

So let me tell you a story about ‘Zigging’

Since you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, I think you will find this pretty cool.

You may know that I use podcasting very strategically for clients to:

  • Build their personal brand, positioning and authority in their market
  • Bring their voice, vision and value to the market
  • Generate sales by using it as a lead generation AND list warming device
  • Create partnerships with interviewees to grow business.

Case Study: Reaching Decision Makers via Podcast

Well yesterday, I recorded a four minute podcast with a real estate client.

In it, he revealed a ‘sneak peek’ property exclusive – a strategy we developed for the podcast – had generated an offer on a $500,000+ home in a town of only 14,000 within two days.

Listen to the 4 Minute Episode Here

But here’s where things get really interesting.

Mixing with Key Influencers

Since then, we’ve published a separate podcast with the local Primary School Headmaster about all the issues affecting parents thinking of moving into his town.

Influencing the Influencers

As a result, the local newspaper wants my client to write a feature article on school zones and the impact on real estate for an upcoming annual ‘Kid’s Edition’… not just for the local town, but for the entire region. Talk about being seen as an authority! As you can hear on the show, I make sure that our client is positioned as the expert in his market.

Listen to the Schools Edition Here

We know it works because someone approached him in the supermarket recently and called him ‘the expert in everything Ocean Grove’.

The Power Combination to Cut through the Noise

When you combine:

  • Podcasting Strategy, with
  • Media strategy
  • Personal brand clarity

… you are strategically ‘zigging’ while the herd stampedes the next tactic.

You Have the Power

You now have a device to connect and engage with your target market. This combination enables you to reach and influence more people in less time.

You can attract new leads that convert easier because people trust experts. This strategic combination positions you as an expert and as a point of difference, cuts through the noise.

Get Clarity

If you are in B2B and:

  • want to cut through the noise
  • reach and influence more people in less time, and
  • need more business

then let’s have a quick clarity call and discover if my strategies are right for you..

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