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Why No One Got Fired for Hiring IBM & trust building content

How to Build Trust Online[this is a common saying here in Australia]

Have you witnessed examples where business that charge more and deliver less actually win tenders and sales over higher quality and value competitors?

To the person on the losing end of the bargain, such scenarios make NO sense and can be very frustrating.

There is a reason for it

When the economy hits the skids, decision makers inside government and corporate are happy to go for the lower value option if it meets a certain criteria.

If it’s not their money… the only thing they care about is not getting sacked, not value for money.

But when it is their own money, why do Small Business owners make similar decisions?
And consumers?  Yep, they do the same.

Which banks did the best out of the GFC in Australia?

You guessed it, the traditional Tier 1 banks.
These are the very banks that consumers traditionally HATE the most!

Interestingly, if you asked most people in this situation, they would still acknowledge that they have a massive dislike for the tier 1 banks, but…

What consumers say, and what they actually do are two separate things.
Understanding why is critical for business success.

[Love of Food] Why You Don’t Choose the Best

When you’re walking down Chapel Street in Melbourne, looking for a place for dinner, why do you eat at the restaurant that is near full, even if the empty one next door is actually much better quality?

It’s not because the atmosphere is better, there is a distinct phenomena at play.

It’s called Social Proof

You go there because you were ‘influenced’ by a phenomena called social proof. Many people at the restaurant means ‘it must be good‘.

Social proof is a core ‘influencing’ factor in your decision to go to the near full restaurant.

The implications for the restaurant owner next door are harsh. They have been competing on quality and still are not winning.

Master Influencers & Trusted Advisors

… are people and brands that command higher prices because they are perceived to be the best. A leader in their category.

They may not necessarily the best, but they are PERCEIVED to be the best. They command an authority in the market place.

As a result, perceived market leaders have a critical element in spades what most businesses don’t…  TRUST.  Leaders are trusted to various degrees by people.

Developing Market Influence

The traditional approach to becoming a thought leader, expert advisor or perceived market leader can take many years.

So it is time to find a quicker way once you know what’s missing.

The Primary Element Required to becoming a Master Influencer is… TRUST.

Would You TRUST This Man?

Trusted Support

Apparently you would…

According to the Readers Digest Survey of Australia’s Most Trusted Profession’s, Paramedic’s and Firefighters drew for the #1 spot by survey participants.

Saving Lives

“They have the most responsible job of all to do, saving lives first hand” comments a poll participant.

Pure Intentions

One of the reasons for this being the case is because you do not question the intentions or motives of a paramedic or firefighter. Their job description is vested in your protection, your self interest. If you get into trouble, a paramedic is there to help YOU, not themselves.

Helping Others

It would seem a quicker way to build trust in the community, or in a market place would be to serve or help others.

It stands to reason that if people are operating in way to benefit, help you or others, then they are deserving of respect if not trust.  Especially if that help is valuable.

Being of Service

A typical characteristic of a Master Influencer is they have a ‘give first’ mentality in their market.

By providing ideas, concepts and stories that aim to solve OTHER peoples problems, they build a trusted position in the minds of the market participants.

Who Do You Serve?

Every business owner is serving a market. Solving a problem, serving a customer or client to make their life better.

If you are truly perceived as adding value, being of service, and more interested in solving the problems of your ideal customer than making sales, you will build credibility and trust.

What Problems Do You Solve?

The key to building trust and credibility, is getting results that matter to your target audience (marketplace). Solve problems, help others first, and trust will begin to grow.

Critically, the motive of a business is not to be perceived to be ‘in it for themselves’ but to be of service. Making a difference and delivering value.

Hiring IBM

It would seem that hiring the ‘IBM’…

Please Note: We are using IBM as a metaphor,  [It is a common saying in Australia] to illustrate the concept of leading brand in any market category, that is well known, trusted, but not necessarily the highest VALUE provider. Who they are, what they do is universally understood by market participants. They win businesses based on more people trusting their brand than the next one. Not highest value.

… would be counter to what is a classic trust building approach.

If a company charges more, and delivers less, overall they are delivering much lower VALUE.

IBMWhy do the More Trusted, Lesser Value Providers Get the Big Gigs?

When the economy is in the toilet, job security is the big issue. People will not take risks.

One of those risks a person can take in making a decision is going with a firm that is an unknown quantity.

It might do better work, offer higher value, be easier to deal with, but if things go awry, judgement comes into question.

‘Why did you go with those guys’ asks the Manager, CEO, Board?

When things go bad, everyone runs for cover.

At least the CEO can explain to the Board that if things go bad, even [insert big brand global supplier here] couldn’t make it work.  Read: my job is safe.

Different Elements of Trust

Just like the banks, brands don’t have to be liked in order to be trusted. It is a common misconception and counter to current thinking that people must ‘like’ a brand, a business or person in order to do business with them.

Shopping at Coles, Safeway or Walmart

I buy groceries regularly. I don’t have to like the check out assistant in order to buy my groceries.

I do not always like what the big supermarkets do to suppliers, especially farmers.

Does this mean I don’t trust them to stock food that is safe to eat? No, I do trust them. It is a core requirement to a food purchase transaction.

Building Trust Online

Platforms: Social Media and WordPress (website content management platform) enable businesses and personal brands to publish information that is of value to the market they serve.

Producing high value content that targets the readers self interest is a clear way to build trust, authority and be perceived as a market leader.

Growing Your Business

Publishing high value, trust building content (Business Growth Publishing) that is relevant to your target audience is a quick way to become a trusted advisor.

Publishing online means leveraging your time!  Publishing trust building content is leveraging your business.

Once trust is in place, the core benefit to your business is increased sales conversions. People can feel like they already know you BEFORE the first call is made.

The #1 commodity in business is trust.  Without it, TRUST, there will be no…. transaction

Master Influencers are Trusted

Tony RobbinsDo you think Tony Robbins is the only life coach in the world?

Of course not. But what did he do to set himself apart from the pack in the early days?

He PUBLISHED a book called Unleash the Power Within.

Gaining Credibility

The success of the book garnered media attention. The media gave Tony credibility in his target audience.

‘If it’s in the paper, it must be true!‘… and by implication, he must be newsworthy or important

Authority Platforms

Business Growth Publishing leverages all three forms of publishing environments or platforms,  to help grow a business.

Unlike some who take a singular approach to building authority, business growth publishing strategy uses the following environments:

  1. Online or Digital
  2. Traditional Media
  3. Live or In Person

Tony Robbins Live

He has leveraged the power of public speaking all his career.  Speaking from stage is another environment that commands authority.

Like newspapers, there is an audience being presented to. I call it ‘soapbox marketing’.

Audience members are thinking ‘he has something worthwhile to say that benefits me, he’s on stage, he must be important.

What You Need to Become a Master Influencer

There are three critical elements required to become a Master Influencer in your market.

The good thing is Business Growth Publishing is a framework, strategic approach designed to elevate your positioning in your prospects mind.

The framework consists of:

  • Compelling Message
  • Publishing Platform
  • An Audience

1. How to Develop a Compelling Message That Resonates

It’s really simple.  Stop thinking about yourself and your products and services. NO ONE is interested.

Solve the problems of your target market.  Communicate them clearly.

People will begin to trust what you have to say because your motives or intention will be interpreted that you are being of service to your market, not you.

Just like a Paramedic.

2. Harness Online Platforms

The internet has given business owners the opportunity to talk directly to the market without the need to work through third parties. EG: advertising

The most basic and effective way to execute a Business Growth Publishing strategy is via your own business website or blog.

Many people and business will take short cuts and say ‘my audience is on Facebook so I only need a Facebook Page’ referring to their platform.

So what happens when Facebook accidentally deletes your account?

You’ve now lost your ability to reach your ….

3. Audience

Without an audience, you are publishing into a void.

Imagine walking on stage to make a keynote presentation and there was no one there.

When business begins to understand that they need to think like a publisher, all of a sudden building an audience becomes very important.

Building Trust En Masse

Providing content that solves your audiences problems, is believed and trusted by your audience and is delivered from authoritative platforms means you’re building trust en masse.  One to many.

Consistently producing trust building content that is Search Engine Optimised, easily found, leaves a content legacy on the web working for your business 24/7.


10,000 Followers or 10 Clients

There are many in the digital realm that believe building an audience is having 10,000 Twitter followers or Facebook likes. ‘You need more likes‘… The question becomes, why?

Depending on your business model. I’ll take 10 high paying, high quality clients over 10,000 followers any day.

What these ‘experts’ don’t understand, from a business perspective, most or none of the followers are not high quality potential clients.

Vanity Metrics

So what the numbers really represent are Vanity Metrics. It boosts the ego to have that many followers.

Are they effective?  Can they be reached?  Facebook is reducing organic (unpaid) reach.

Well maybe they justify an agencies advice to use their services and execute their strategy.

[ Case Study ]

Now you know why this strategy could grow business, some may ask ‘How can it be applied to my business?‘

To answer this question, this  strategy was applied to a business targeting the most conservative community in Australia.

Australian Farmers.

An incredibly high degree of trust is required before any business can transact with farmers. They have the ability to sniff a sales person out from 100 yards.

Zero Brand & No Audience

To raise the degree of difficulty even further, the business we’re about to explain had recently changed to a new name. So there was zero brand recognition in the market place.

How can the Aussie farming community trust a new brand… that has no Audience?

See Case Study Video Here

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