Struggling to get past Gatekeepers

Struggling to Get Past Gatekeepers?

Are you Struggling to get Past Gatekeepers?

Getting past gatekeeper

How many times have you KNOWN you had the PERFECT solution for a prospective client… only to be thwarted by the good ‘ol gatekeeper.  Today I’ll show you how  to get passed gatekeepers.

Do you recognise any of these Gatekeeper types?

4 Types of Gatekeepers

  • The ‘blocker’-  whose sole existence is to stop you getting anywhere near their boss.
  • The ‘sadist’ – who actually enjoys swatting away hopeful consultants with the oh so polite ‘where are you from again?
  • The ‘9-5’er’ – who before you have finished introducing yourself has started their autoresponse by saying “he/she’s busy right now… would you like to leave a message
  • The ‘expert’ spouse – who knows just enough in your area of expertise to close down your message based on their own preconceived ideas.

Business sucks when you’re not getting in front of your ideal client on a consistent basis because you cannot get past the gatekeeper.  Sales targets don’t get met and the trickle down effects begin.

Gil the desperate salesman

Good ol’ Gill from Simpsons

Before you know it, you’re turning into the very thing you promised you’d never be…  the pushy salesmandesperate to close a deal.

As we all know, the more desperate you are for a sale, the less likely it is going to happen.

So when you’re under pressure to get new clients AND knowing that you have the ideal ‘aspirin’ for a prospective client’s commercial pain… having to spend the bulk of your time dealing with gatekeepers can truly be a pain in the “you-know-what”.

Fortunately there is an elegant and easy way to breeze past gatekeepers and get your message in front of key decision makers.

One of the core reasons why consultants are still getting smashed by gatekeepers is because they (and the gatekeepers) have inherited traditional commercial sales frameworks and methodologies common from the 1950’s era onwards.

1950’s Thinking

In the pre social media age, the traditional, hierarchically structured B2B businesses was being marketed to by ‘traditional sales training’ led thinking which espoused the virtues of ‘cold calling’, appointment setting, and strategies and tactics on ‘how to deal with gatekeepers’.

As a result, the whole traditional B2B sales model was taught and applied across entire industries by product suppliers and service providers.

On the flip side, traditional ‘target’ companies with their professionally trained gatekeepers became adept at seeing these tactics and created counter strategies of their own.

Now they had a fortress to protect their ‘key decision makers’ from eager B2B suppliers and business owners keen to make budget.

In the post ‘social media’ era, those ‘fortress’ walls are becoming porous.   The opportunity to reach key decision makers has improved.

In the post ‘social media’ era, those ‘fortress’ walls are becoming porous

Entire prospective client engagement strategies are changing and the world of ‘social selling’ is emerging as a new way of doing business in the 21st Century.

Arthur Miller as Willy Lowman

Arthur Miller as Willy Lowman

If you’re inadvertently using or inherited the 1950s sales strategies against professional gatekeepers – who learnt their craft from the generations of professional gatekeepers before them – you’re in for the hard graft… just like Willy Lowman.

It’s amazing that even as recently as last week, I got a cold email asking if I want to hire a ‘cold calling and appointment setting firm’, from inside LinkedIn!

Unfortunately, the model still prevails.  But if your competition is still doing it, then you’re about to get a double advantage.

Getting away from the traditional ‘cold calling/appointment setting/spray-and-pray’ mentality is key to succeeding in B2B sales and marketing in this century.

B2B in the 21st Century

By taking a different approach, you can breeze past the professional gatekeepers and engage with key decision makers easily and effortlessly.

The old “traditional approach” is mired in intellect and logic, designed to ‘convince’ the prospective client to see a B2B consultant’s point of view.

“If there is enough reasons or ‘merit’ behind buying my services, surely they will sign on the dotted line?”  Logical thinking…

We know that most people buy with their heart (emotion) and justify or validate their decision with their head (intellect).  Even big buyers do this.

Just look at the transformation of Apple.

Apple Logo

Inside 20 years, it has transformed from near bankruptcy to the world’s most valuable company by engaging the emotions and desires of the market place.  Not because of the computing horsepower inside their machines.

By transforming the dynamic between you – the consultant – and your prospective client from a logical, factually based, sales driven state to an emotionally warm and trusted space is the key to preparing to have your message clearly received and understood.

So the question becomes – how can we create an emotional connection with a key decision maker – let alone get past their gatekeeper?

The simple answer is… by targeting the prospective client’s own ego.

Ego is at the Heart of Emotion

cat being a lionAt the heart of emotion is a person’s ego.  It’s their very own view of themselves.  How a person acts, reacts and feels is derived from their own sense of themselves.

For any person in the world, the sweetest sound of all is the sound of their own name.

We’ve been told millions of times – ad nauseum – across countless content marketing blog post articles, videos, slide decks, marketing books, etc … ‘it’s not about you, its about them’, ‘tune into their WIIFM station’, ‘help don’t sell’, ‘give first, ask second’ ... etc etc etc

Targeting a key decision makers ego is the ultimate form of ‘making it about them’.

By targeting a prospective client’s heart and emotions rather than his or her’s brain and intellect, you position yourself inside a far more favourable space to have a meaningful conversation… about your consulting services.

Reaching a key decision maker in the post social media age is easier than it has been in the past.

However, the issue remains, how do you engage with a key decision maker in a manner that will target their own ego, engage their emotions and have them want to talk to you?

I’ll let you in on the answer shortly.

But before we do that, lets understand the implications of not getting your message in front of key decision makers on a regular basis.

Eager Sales GuyWhen you’re chasing prospective clients, you’re approaching them from a position of weakness. You want (need) them.

Just like in the dating game, appearing too interested can work against you.

If you’re in a weak position, then your chances of securing a contract fall dramatically compared to when a prospective client approaches you.

When prospective buyers come to you…

this is the Holy Grail of sales.  Your sales conversions are naturally going be higher.

You’re a talking from a position of authority and strength which increases your conversion rates.

But most B2B consultants are caught between a rock and a hard place of needing to do ‘activity’ and prospecting, but cannot appear to be ‘chasing sales’.

As a result, getting their message in front of key decision makers consistently becomes difficult.

Furthermore, with professional gatekeepers employed to hinder your efforts, it’s no small wonder that reaching and engaging potential clients remains difficult.

So once again, the vicious cycle begins of needing a sale, which makes you look desperate, which actually repels sales, which makes the need for a sale even greater.

3 types of desparate salesreps

Breaking the Sales Dependancy Cycle

Breaking the cycle is the key to a thriving and successful consulting business.

If you cannot even reach a key decision maker, let alone get your message across in an emotionally receptive environment on a consistent basis, then the stability of any ‘consulting’ business will remain shaky at best.

By getting passed the gatekeeper and creating a space where a prospective client wants to talk with you is what I help B2B consultants do.

What this means is you have unlimited opportunities to reach out to key decision makers – bypassing the blockers, sadists’, 9-5ers and expert spouses – and actually have them happy to hear from you AND interested in what you have to say.

How?  By targeting their own ego.

You see, I’ve created an extremely elegant door opener for B2B consultants which means you can get more access to more decision makers on a consistent basis.

It’s so elegant that you will never feel ‘salesy’ or high pressure reaching out to potential clients. You’ll actually look forward to upping your activity.

This will solve your problem of reaching key decision makers regularly.

Stronger Positioning

Because of the way we do it, potential clients will see you as an authority which means stronger positioning.

With stronger positioning, you’re now on level playing terms with a potential client… even though it was you who made the first move!

Now you have a higher chance of converting a prospect into a client.

When you execute the entire process, you’ll subconsciously influence a potential client by removing their inbuilt BS detection system and internal sales barriers during your ‘talk’.

Now you are positioned to get your message through.

As part of the process, you’ll also help them at a deeper level.

Helping Prospects Look Good

By helping them ‘look good’, you are now providing them with an emotional service.

When you’ve made someone look and feel good, they’ll naturally be more open to what you have to say.

And best of all, this very elegant door opener is the device you need to start an ongoing relationship with a key decision maker.

I’ve created a simple checklist behind the ‘elegant door opener’.  

Created specifically for B2B Consultants, The Elegant Door Opener is a checklist you can read in moments.

Furthermore, you can execute this in a couple of hours.

Just imagine reaching and connecting with five more ideal clients this week!

What impact would that have on your bottom line?

That is the power of an elegant door opener.

Ultimately, it’s still you that has to get the message right and its you that closes the sales.  But its good to know you have a powerful tool at the ready to start the process.

Picking up the phone or initiating contact is usually the hardest part for B2B consultants.

You’d rather be doing what you’re good at… delivering results!  Not prospecting.

This door opener takes the pressure off completely.

And a final word… I know for B2B consultants like you… reputation is everything!

That’s why – to ensure that you fully understand the strategy – I’ve created three follow up key milestone videos to help you with execution.

That way, you’re completely covered.

If you want to get your message in front of key decision makers on a regular basis… so you can have a consistent and predictable source of new clients in your business – then click the image below.

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