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Using YouTube to Connect with a Regional Audience

Connecting with an audience of decision makers in regional Australia.

A client of mine… err, my father, bought a specialist engineering firm earlier this year in regional Victoria.  Actually, it is so specialised there are about two firms in Australia that focus on this type of work.

What is it you may ask?.  They repair the fronts of grain combine harvester machines!

Sometimes referred to as the ‘comb’, unless these things are working properly, farmers cannot harvest their grain.  For some farming businesses, grain harvest is their only source of income annually, so when disaster strikes, they need things fixed quickly.

Harvester in Trouble

The ‘front’ or ‘comb’ is the long skinny thing at the front

The Strategic Marketing Issue

Our strategic marketing issue was how to connect with a regional audience that is very conservative and usually takes some time to build trust with new business operators.  On top of this, there was very little marketing budget.

Internet Marketing in Regional Australia

When it came to the web, the question was: how we could apply it to connect with a very geographically dispersed potential client base and build trust remotely?

Based on a research study, CEO’s and big decision makers prefer to use Video or YouTube to conduct their research before making decisions or engaging in business discussion. [Don’t ask me where the study research is as I cannot find it].

Building Trust Remotely

Also, we know that regular, engaging video’s are the quickest way to remotely build trust on the web.  If your audience can get to know you, see you, hear you, gain value from watching you, they will become familiar with you.  This trust building process is accelerated with video compared to other mediums such as text, images and audio.

Relevant Content

Within each video and blog post, we needed to make sure that what was communicated was authentic and sincere, including:

  1. what was said,
  2. location videos are shot
  3. where to go to get further help
  4. supporting audio

Ensuring these attributes are conveyed in an approachable and friendly manner that is congruent with the target regional audience is critical to acceptance and the company’s brand values.

John WardConveying Credibility

Most importantly, we had to communicate and demonstrate the new owners bona fides or authenticity with the target audience which was his 53 grain harvest history and still a grain farmer today.

Another way to ‘keep it real’ is not to make videos too slick.  Overly produced videos provide cues that a serious marketing drive is underway.  By making more casual videos, published on YouTube, the target audience may identify better with this style.

Changing Name

One major strategic decision was to change the name from Murphy Engineering to Header Front Repairs.  To a potential client that had never heard of Murphy Engineering, it takes further time to educate what they do.

With a name like Header Front Repairs, the target audience knows exactly what they do.

Ranking in Google for New Business Name (and Old)

As part of the marketing strategy, it was important that if anyone heard of Header Front Repairs, needed their harvester or header front fixed, or typed in the old business name Murphy Engineering, that this business was found at #1 in Google.

If you type ‘Header Front Repairs’ into Google, you will see that EIGHT of the top ten positions are owned by the client.

Integrating Online and Offline Marketing

This type of positioning in Google allows offline marketing activity such as agricultural field days, newspaper and radio advertising to be leveraged and provide a better return on investment.

If a listener to an advert or field day visitor can remember the business name, (or the problem they need solving) but not the website address, google search results provides the nexus between the visitor migrating from offline to online.

Taking that concept further, direct contact phone details are provided so that the person who is in the videos, answers the phone… further establishing credibility and trust.

New Website

Given that the new website was built on, we will have to develop the new domain name ( sooner rather than later.  Once again we used a simple video to rapidly build a connection on a very simple one page website.

Latest Video

The style of video creation was to get it as closely aligned with the ABC’s rural radio program ‘The Country Hour’. Hope you like it
Click to View on YouTube:

Further Information

If you would like to see previous videos:


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