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Woody Allen Quote

80 Percent of Success is Showing Up

Woody Allens’ Famous Quote

“Showing up is 80 percent of life. Sometimes it’s easier to hide home in bed. I’ve done both.” – 1977 August 21, New York Times

He went onto expand this further in 1989 when he said:

“My observation was that once a person actually completed a play or a novel, he was well on his way to getting it produced or published, as opposed to a vast majority of people who tell me their ambition is to write, but who strike out on the very first level and indeed never write the play or book. In the midst of the conversation, as I’m now trying to recall, I did say that 80 percent of success is showing up.” – 1989 August 13, New York Times>>> Get the Rest of the Article >>>   read more

Richard Branson - Business Stripped Bare

There is no reverse gear

Richard Branson - Business Stripped Bare

Richard Bransons ‘Business Stripped Bare’

Recently I have been reading Richard Branson’s book “Business Stripped Bare”.

While it is very engaging to learn about his exploits in growing multiple billion dollar businesses, certain comments he made, make me consider his approach to business and life.

One of them really stood out:

“there is no reverse gear”

To paraphrase his comments. Basically in business, once you are in, you are in.  There is no backing out, no reversing, no un-weasling promises you made.  You made a commitment to yourself and colleagues to go this path, to your potential customers, so keep moving forward, even when things get tough.>>> Get the Rest of the Article >>>   read more