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Trust how to earn it remotely

How to Build Trust without Being in the Room

Leveraged Trust Building…

‘My New Best Friend I Didn’t Know I had’…

“Hi John, it’s Nigel”…   and that is how a five-figure deal commenced.

John (my client) was working on a tractor when the call came through.  He had to stop because he had no idea who he was talking to.

Nigel had such a ‘familiarity’ in his voice; it sounded like Nigel had known John for years… so surely John knew whom he was talking to…>>> Get the Rest of the Article >>>   read more

How to Build Trust Online

How to Grow Business with Trust

How to Build Trust Online

Why No One Got Fired for Hiring IBM & trust building content

[this is a common saying here in Australia]

Have you witnessed examples where business that charge more and deliver less actually win tenders and sales over higher quality and value competitors?

To the person on the losing end of the bargain, such scenarios make NO sense and can be very frustrating.

There is a reason for it

When the economy hits the skids, decision makers inside government and corporate are happy to go for the lower value option if it meets a certain criteria.>>> Get the Rest of the Article >>>   read more

Online Branding Strategy

Branding is about people

The new media haze

The blurring on the communications lines between

  • online and traditional media
  • the content creator and their organisation
  • the organisational brand and the personal brand

…makes setting a branded strategy all the more complex.

Questions such as who are the audience identifying with…?  The organisation brand values or that of the author/content creator?

These were some of the factors I took into consideration before launching this blog.

Rather than over analyse potential new brand names, we all know that business is done with PEOPLE and based on trust.>>> Get the Rest of the Article >>>   read more